[czytelnia] nirvana: three takes

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[czytelnia] nirvana: three takes

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Ciekawy artykuł (w j.ang) traktujący o temacie nirwany z pozycji Tradycji Therawady, Wadżrajany i Zen.
In an effort to point to the profound variance between “Buddhisms” and teachings, Tricycle takes a look at three basic views of nirvana, its aspects and attainment, from a Theravada, Vajrayana, and a Rinzai Zen (Mahayana) teacher. While Tulku Thubten, a Vajrayana teacher, sees the possibility of sudden, unexpected, and even repeated enlightenment, Gil Fronsdal, a Theravada teacher, has described the process of reaching the “deathless” as akin to desalinating a glass of seawater: the fresh water is there, but getting out the salt—our delusion—is a task of dedication, meticulously applied, over time. And in Zen master Sherry Roko Chayat’s essay, we have enlightenment in “this very moment, this very place; we are 'all done' just as we are.” The differences, perhaps, will speak for themselves.

http://www.tricycle.com/feature/nirvana ... s?page=0,0
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