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"The historical Buddha Shakyamuni is said to have "turned the Wheel of Dharma" when he decided to share his Compassion and Wisdom with all beings so as to enable them to end their suffering. The traditional way of requesting a Ch'an or Buddhist teacher to answer one's questions about teachings or practice is known as Turning the Wheel. All questions, whether general or specific in nature, will be given respectful consideration by a qualified Buddhist teacher as time permits."

"Operated by the Zen Society of Cleveland, CloudWater Zendo is a Buddhist temple and meditation center dedicated to Ch'an (Zen) meditation, Pure Land Buddhism, the combined practice of Ch'an and Pure Land meditation, the practice of meditative arts and the study of Buddhist teachings for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Ch'an and Pure Land Buddhism are but two paths to Enlightenment. It is the purpose of the Zen Society of Cleveland to give all who desire it the opportunity to realize their true nature through practice and teaching, and to encourage them to allow their understanding to be actualized into daily existence for the benefit of all beings."


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